Free Talking Ecards

Free talking ecards are the newest sensation in the world of electronic greeting cards. Most people are familiar with ecards – you simply select an online ecard service, choose a card that you like the look of, fill out a greeting, and then the recipient receives an email where they click a link to access the card online. These ecards are hugely popular and millions are sent and received around the world each and every day of the year, from hundreds, or possibly thousands, of ecard provider websites.

The idea of talking e-cards is that the “card”, once delivered electronically via email to your chosen recipient, actually says out loud what you have typed as the greeting and sentiment in the card. Most services allow you to select a particular voice that you’d like to have used. This sort of electronic card is certainly a more personalized option, and one that allows the person receiving your card to almost hear your voice reading the words to them.

Many free talking ecards will utilize a particular character or persona on the card or as a theme for the card. Some are animal related; for example, a horse, dog, or other animal may be displayed on the card and appear to be talking to the recipient. Most will, at the very least, allow you to select from a variety of male and female voices, or from funny and amusing voices, as well as those that sound like (or are) celebrities. This can be a great way to add some light heartedness to your talking ecards, that your recipient is sure to enjoy and remember for a long time to come (after all, who remembers dull, boring cards? Not many people).

The best talking e-card services will allow you to completely personalize the card so that you can tailor it specifically for the person who is going to receive it. Obviously, you would generally not want the same card sent to your mother as you might to your partner; so selecting an e-card service that allows completely customization will ensure that you have the most flexibility when it comes to really making your card targeted to who will be receiving it.

On what occasions should you send a talking ecard to someone? There are certainly no limitations when it comes to who and why you might send out an e-card. Sometimes, it might just be to tell someone that you are thinking of them (perhaps a distant friend whom you rarely see). Other times, you might want to use an ecard as a Valentines Day surprise for your loved one, or to congratulate someone on their expecting baby. Use your imagination, and you’ll discover that talking ecards can certainly be used and enjoyed on a huge number of occasions and for a large variety of reasons. There are now even child-friendly ecards that have been developed for children to send and receive to each other and to their family and friends, ensuring that the content is completely friendly and able to be understood and thoroughly enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Warnings about eCards websites

Unfortunately, a small number of unscrupulous websites that provide free ecard services have the underlying and more sinister goal of spreading spyware and other nasty things to visitors to their websites. These sites are usually easy to pick out from the crowd; they will often feature much more ad space than actually content, and the advertisements will often attempt to trick you into clicking them. Pop up windows may proliferate, and you could find yourself completely lost from the original website if you do not have a pop up blocker installed. It pays to be aware of these websites, so that you can avoid them and thus, only use trusted, quality and reputable talking ecards and regular ecard websites that have just one aim: to provide top notch ecard services, without the spyware, viruses and other things that can cause havoc to your computer and your personal data.

Thankfully, the ethical ecards websites are easy to find and easy to recognize, and once you have found a good one it is ideal to stick with it.

So Which Service Should You Use?

There are certainly a vast number of choices when it comes to selecting a website to create and send your unique ecards from. It can be difficult to find the right one for your needs, and importantly, one that can be trusted. One website that has gained popularity and built up a solid reputation is Hallmark has more than 900 ecards to select from, ranging for occasions from birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Halloween, for those people who you can’t be with on those memorable days. You can get unlimited access to Hallmark for only $1 per month.

Free Animated Talking Ecards

There is nothing better than sending a surprise to someone you really like and watching them smile or hearing them tell you how much they enjoyed it. But thanks to this site, you get such moments for absolutely free!

Everyone likes to send ecards to their friends and family, especially talking free ecards, but most of the ecard sites are so hastily put up and look so cheesy, you can’t browse through with others looking on. For some reason, the internet version of a greeting ecard store looks the exact opposite of a real life one. But thanks to this site, you don’t need to visit the much hated greeting card sites (with the vague music and shiny pink confetti) to choose one. Register for free and use its search engine to choose the one you like from over a thousand options available without leaving the comfort of your own browser. What makes this even more appealing is that while it is an extensive and large greeting ecard store in itself, there are absolutely no pop ups and other ad-ware asking you to buy something, embarrassing you in front of your mom. Also, you can rest assured this site is also spy ware free. In short, it is a greeting ecard lover’s heaven.

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Good Luck Free Talking Babies Ecard

Babies talking are always popular. It’s very odd to hear babies talking properly with grown up voices and cute at the same time. Here is a free talking ecard featuring three talking babies wishing the recipient good luck. I love the one on the left the best.

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Free Talking Ecards are Good for You

What’s great about sending free talking ecards?

They can make the recipient happier. Obviously. But did you know they can also make you happier to send them? According to a study (see article) there are five simple things you can do to make yourself happier. They are, as they apply to free ecards:

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